SAT phones provided by Assist Ukraine are saving hundreds of lives. In the attached video, Ukrainian Defenders explain how important secure communication devices are on the frontline. Assist Ukraine partnered with Zero Line to provide a significant number of these highly-secure phones to Ukrainian scouts going behind enemy lines. Not only did these phones save their lives, but the lives of hundreds of Defenders and civilians caught in the line of fire.

Ian Miller of Zero Line writes: “From our first conversation in 2022, Assist Ukraine understood more than most that better information sharing on the front lines had immense potential to save Ukrainian lives. Hence your generous donation for satellite phones for better reconnaissance. Phones that to this day are saving lives. Currently, no initiative is improving information sharing on the front lines more than the Program. It is informing a vast number of missions every week, disabling a truly exceptional amount of the Russian equipment that kills Ukrainians, and thus saving a truly exceptional number of lives, per dollar of aid invested. It could grow faster, positively transform the AFU, and meaningfully shorten the war. But like most units, it needs basic equipment. Unlike most units though, its growth helps all other units and improves military-wide awareness of the frontline environment.”

Davidson: “We appreciate our donors who helped Assist Ukraine get these SAT phones. They have saved a lot of lives. We are currently trying to raise an additional $40,000 for SAT phones and other secure frontline communication equipment.”

SAT Phones Save Countless Lives, Made Possible Thanks to Assist Ukraine. See Behind the Scenes Video Here