Awards & Recognition

May 1, 2024: A commendation from the 3rd Assault Brigade for the tactical medical kits provided by Assist Ukraine through its medical director Sasha.


“I want to thank Assist Ukraine.  We needed first aid bandages for soldiers. We have received them from your help. Without the help of organizations like Assist Ukraine we would have lost this war a long time ago.” Bohdan, Azov and Right Sector

“The Ministry of Kostishe expresses gratitude for the team of Assist Ukraine USA for your experienced initiative, care and personal support.”

“Assist Ukraine, on behalf of the entire team of the 72nd separate Mechanized Brigade, the Black Zaporozhets, I express my sincere gratitude. As volunteers, you make a significant contribution.”
                                         Commander Chora

“To Assist Ukraine,
On behalf of the team of officers and soldiers of the 105 Mechanized Battalion of the 63rd OMB we express our deep respect and gratitude for your help.”

“Assist Ukraine, the 93-1 Separate Mechanized Brigade thank you for providing tactical medicine.”

Ukrainian flag signed by the Black Zaporozhets of the defenders in the 72nd Mechanized Brigade.