SAT Phones Save Lives: Report by Assist Ukraine Cofounder Art Davidson.

SAT phones provided by Assist Ukraine are saving hundreds of lives. In the attached video, Ukrainian Defenders explain how important secure communication devices are on the frontline. Assist Ukraine partnered with Zero Line to provide a significant number of these highly-secure phones to Ukrainian scouts going behind enemy lines. Not only did these phones save their lives, but the lives of hundreds of Defenders and civilians caught in the line of fire.

Ian Miller of Zero Line writes: “From our first conversation in 2022, Assist Ukraine understood more than most that better information sharing on the front lines had immense potential to save Ukrainian lives. Hence your generous donation for satellite phones for better reconnaissance. Phones that to this day are saving lives. Currently, no initiative is improving information sharing on the front lines more than the Program. It is informing a vast number of missions every week, disabling a truly exceptional amount of the Russian equipment that kills Ukrainians, and thus saving a truly exceptional number of lives, per dollar of aid invested. It could grow faster, positively transform the AFU, and meaningfully shorten the war. But like most units, it needs basic equipment. Unlike most units though, its growth helps all other units and improves military-wide awareness of the frontline environment.”

Davidson: “We appreciate our donors who helped Assist Ukraine get these SAT phones. They have saved a lot of lives. We are currently trying to raise an additional $40,000 for SAT phones and other secure frontline communication equipment.”

SAT Phones Save Countless Lives, Made Possible Thanks to Assist Ukraine. See Behind the Scenes Video Here

A Life Saved, May 5, 2024 — Report from Kateryna Pryshchepa, Assist Ukraine Logistics Director

A Life Saved, May 5, 2024 — Report from Kateryna Pryshchepa, Assist Ukraine Logistics Director

A Life Saved, May 5, 2024 report from Kateryna Pryshchepa, Assist Ukraine logistics director

I met with Oleksii, a combat medic serving at the First Tank Brigade, who recently saved an injured comrade using a HPMK hypothermia prevention kit provided by Assist Ukraine this past January. Oleksii reported that “The

soldier was injured by an explosive dropped by a Russian drone. The explosion tore into the soldiers’ leg, causing arterial bleeding. Evacuation time for the injured soldier was over 24 hours, which is a common occurrence at the part of the front where the First Tank Brigade is serving. Without the active heating, the soldier would not have survived. The injury he sustained led to leg amputation, but his life was saved thanks to the hypothermia prevention kit.”

Oleksii and his comrades believe that given the long evacuation time and the prevalence of explosive-caused injuries, hypothermia prevention materials will be needed throughout the summer.


“From the first days of the invasion, Anne Garrels, the other co-founders of Assist Ukraine, and I have been amazed at the courage and resiliency of Ukrainian people. We have been in awe of how they fight, not just for their country, but for the democratic values of free societies everywhere. They have shown us how to resist tyranny and the threat of nuclear attack.

Assist Ukraine has received a great deal of appreciation from Ukrainians for the assistance we are providing.  As thoughtfully expressed in this podcast by Timothy Snyder, there are also many things for which we can thank Ukrainians.  – Art Davidson, Assist Ukraine Co-Founder.

OUTPOURING OF SUPPORT: Note from Art Davidson

While we still have a long way to go to meet our $800,000 goal to satisfy the critical needs in Ukraine, I want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to each of you who have donated. I am profoundly heartened by the outpouring of support.  Just yesterday we received a generous gift of $2,000, it was accompanied by a touching note that read: “this $2,000 was going to go to a new car but giving here is more important.”  Thank you for being a part of our team!  Know that we remain fiercely resolute in our commitment to do everything in our power to serve the dire needs of our friends in Ukraine.