Comments from People and NGOS working with Assist Ukraine

“Report on funds from Assist Ukraine:  Tourniquets, and other items will e transferred to 500 soldiers to different hot spots. That’s 500 protected lives.”  (March 11, 2022)
   Nina Vyniarshavia, supplying civilian volunteers through Defenders of Ukraine

“Thank you all. Never enough thank yous to you for mobilizing so quickly and getting us these supplies. With tremendous gratitude.” (March 29, 2022)
    From a Ukrainian medical director equipping volunteers

“Thank you for all your help.  Your organization was super helpful.  I’m so touched to be connected with folks who are so kind and big-hearted!  (April 1, 2022)
   Cynthia Lippe, mobilizing medical supples to Ukrainian hospitals

‘Thank you again for all your help! I have been going through the drones you have already sent over.  Larger drones fitted with infrared cameras are now ready to send out.  Thanks again for your continued support.’  (April 6, 2022)
   Ola and Josh, United Volunteers, getting drones to the front lines

‘I want to thank you for your help.  We needed first aid bandages for soldiers.  We have received them through Uniters, for sure it was your help,’  (April 11, 2022)
   Bohdan, equipping his territorial guard regiment.

‘Assist Ukraine, thank you so much for your continuous involvement and support! IFAK kits are a constant need in Ukraine and we appreciate you wanting to help with those,  It it very important to have all the items in the kit: CAT tourniquet, Israeli bandages, compressed gauze, chest seals, celox, trauma shears, gloves.  Thank you for all your support.’  (April 14, 2022)
   Victoria, United Foundation, dispersing critical supplies to areas under assault

‘Thank you for being the people you are and for being there for those who need help.  Thank you for your big hearts. ‘ (April 16, 2022)
   G.Arveadze, starting a home for orphans in Western Ukraine

One of six ambulances outfitted with help from Assist-Ukraine
One of six ambulances outfitted with help from Assist-Ukraine