Update from the field – Art Davidson
4/15/20220 Comments

Your response to this crisis in Ukraine is amazing and heartening.
Our aid is direct. No middlemen, No overhead. Proven delivery. Here’s a report on things we have done with donations:

Sent funds for essentials into Kyiv while the city was under attack
Paid to repair and equip 6 ambulances.
Hand-delivered 13 boxes of trauma supplies to the medical director in Lviv, followed by 22 more boxes of trauma supplies including thousands of CAT tourniquets and Israeli bandages.
Purchased and distributed more than $200,000 worth of level-IV flak jackets
Purchased and distributed 250 helmets
Delivered 30 high performance surveillance drones
Distributed $50,000 of night vision goggles, radios and medical supplies.
Distributed emergency food relief for people under assault in Kharkiv

By the time you read this I will begin working with people starting a home for children orphaned by this war. I am told some are so traumatized that they can barely talk.

But frankly we could use more help now. We’re looking for concerned individuals to step up, join in, and offer support.