A Life Saved, May 5, 2024 report from Kateryna Pryshchepa, Assist Ukraine logistics director

I met with Oleksii, a combat medic serving at the First Tank Brigade, who recently saved an injured comrade using a HPMK hypothermia prevention kit provided by Assist Ukraine this past January. Oleksii reported that “The

soldier was injured by an explosive dropped by a Russian drone. The explosion tore into the soldiers’ leg, causing arterial bleeding. Evacuation time for the injured soldier was over 24 hours, which is a common occurrence at the part of the front where the First Tank Brigade is serving. Without the active heating, the soldier would not have survived. The injury he sustained led to leg amputation, but his life was saved thanks to the hypothermia prevention kit.”

Oleksii and his comrades believe that given the long evacuation time and the prevalence of explosive-caused injuries, hypothermia prevention materials will be needed throughout the summer.